The Organic Chemistry Department is composed by approximately 30 professors and 50 teaching assistants. More than 30 courses are taught to 700 students per year.


Graduate Career
Title: Licenciatura en Química
Starting year: 1898
Duration (according to program): 5 years
Real duration (according to 1995 data): 7 years
Nº of courses according to program: 21 mandatory plus 2 to 4 optional courses (depending on the number of points assigned to each one of them)

Posgraduate Career
Career designation: Doctorado de la Universidad de Buenos Aires,
Area Ciencias Químicas, Orientación Química Orgánica.
Title: Doctor de la Universidad de Buenos Aires
Duraction: 5 years
Number of students (2000): 31


Graduate Courses

Food Science I
Functional Organic Analysis
Instrumental Analysis
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry (Biological Sciences)

Graduate/Posgraduate Courses

Chemical Aspects of Environmental Pollution
Food Microbiology
Food Science II
Food Toxicology
Natural Products 1
Natural Products 2
Natural Products 3
Organic Photochemistry
Organic Reactions Mechanisms
Organic Synthesis A
Organic Synthesis B
Polymers I
Polymers II
Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry
Techniques for the Structural Determination of Glycoconjugates
Topics in Organometallic Chemistry

Posgraduate Courses

Advances in Dairy Microbiology
Conformational Analysis
Extractive Techniques and Identification of Natural Products
Food Microbiology
Food Sensorial Properties Control
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
Industrial Hydrocolloids
Mechanisms of Organic and Organometallic Pollutants Decay
Medicinal Chemistry
Molecular Modelling
Organic Chemistry Seminaries
Seaweed Polysaccharides: Chemistry and Uses
The Chemistry of Carbohydrates. Use of Sugar Derivatives in Asymmetric Synthesis
Topics in Mass Spectrometry
Topics in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance